Heating equipment typically uses the largest amount of energy in a home. Many homeowners are not aware or do not take full advantage of the rebate and incentive programs that are available to help save on energy costs. Hackett Brothers, Inc. is proud to provide residents of Marblehead, Manchester, Swampscott, Beverly, Peabody, Danvers and surrounding communities with the latest information on tax credit heating and gas rebates from the following providers:

Mass Save

Mass Save offers a variety of residential rebates and energy conservation programs designed to help consumers reduce energy consumption, lower energy costs, and ultimately, help preserve the environment. Rebates and 0% interest heat loans are available for heating equipment that meets or exceeds the following Annual Fuel Usage Efficiency (AFUE) ratings, such as:

    • Steam Boilers
    • Forced Hot Water Boilers
    • On-Demand Condensing Unit
    • On-Demand Non-Condensing Unit
    • After-Market Boiler Reset Controls

There is still time to act on Federal Tax Credits by the end of the year!